Pre Arrival

1. What is the standard procedure for availing treatment at an Indian hospital?
Select any one or a couple of hospitals. Drop them an e-mail on the e-id published on their portal.

Alternatively, you could speak to ‘International Patients Division’ of the hospital. The staff may ask for more specifics on your health, the medical condition you are to undergo treatment for and advise you on possible and available treatment options. Each hospital may have its respective formalities & procedure guidelines depending on your physical condition, the medical treatment, etc. The hospitals will guide you fully on the requirements thereon after consulting with the specialist doctor.

Note : You could follow the link to the Hospital website while you browse hospitals on and can take down the details.

Once you have intimated , the Hospitals are most likely to advise you further on boarding & lodging depending on your need, budget and preferences. Still you must cross verify beforehand.

2. Would I be able to obtain the cost estimate for my treatment?
Yes, hospitals will arrange for this. Just make sure to have it in hand. The costing depends on your medical condition, choice of treatment, type of room opted for etc.

Your medical history and essential treatment details would be analysed by experts in the hospitals. You shall be informed of the various types of rooms / accommodation packages for you to select.

3. Do the hospitals in India accept health insurance?
Yes. If you have health insurance internationally valid / valid in India, please alert the hospitals .In case of an approved insurance provider, hospitals might request you to get an advance payment guarantee.

You will have to co-ordinate that from your country.

4. What are the inclusions / exclusions in the cost?
Details shall be provided very clearly. Usual Inclusions during admitted stage of treatment :

  • Stay and bed
  • Diet – for patient and attendant
  • Surgeon and Anaesthetist fee
  • Nursing / Specialist Consultation & Charges
  • Fee for Surgery, Operation Theatre Room
  • OT Consumables (sutures, tubes etc.)

Implants and Special Consumables

Are choice driven. If your medical procedure needs Implants or special consumables, your doctors or hospital staff will intimate you. Implants, consumables are of different sizes, types, materials and cost options. Depending on what suits your body condition, there will be a range of choices demonstrated.

You can make the selection on the brands and/or their quality options based on the cost suitability and per advise of the specialist. Stay beyond the usual time in the hospital, depending on your recovery is likely to be an additional charge. Special tests, special medications and high value drugs are billed extra.

5. Will Hospitals assist with my airport transfers?
Yes. Pick and drop will be arranged on request and after receiving clear communication of patient’s travel itinerary. Many hospitals do provide airport transfers as a complimentary service. Their Guest Relationship Executive will be available at the time of your arrival. Others will let you know, if it is a paid service.


Our Pre-arrival services ensure all the necessary formalities are already completed by the time patient lands in India. Medifriend provides assistance in whole process right from visa application to arrival in India, hospital, accommodation and transport.

Medifriend’s Pre-Arrival Services include:

  • Sending patient’s medical reports to doctors in different hospitals.
  • Sharing medical opinion shared by doctors with patient.
  • Arranging Online Consultation with Treating Doctor once the patient decides and chooses the hospital .
  • Helping patients in arranging Medical Visa.
  • Co-ordinating accommodation as closest possible to the hospital.
  • Booking express appointments with treating doctors.
  • Providing medical evacuation in case of medical emergencies.
  • Providing payment facility for treatment directly to the hospital pre-arrival. This saves you trouble of carrying money on you.

On Arrival

​​Airport Reception

On Arrival Patient/family will be received at the Arrivals Gate with welcome placard in your name by our Team/Hospital Representative. You are requested to please forward complete travel details in advance so that we can make all the necessary arrangements for the complimentary pick up/drop from the Airport to Hospital.

Local SIM Cards are available at various stores near the hospital. Our team will assist you with same.

During Hospitalisation (Course of Treatment)
Medifriend Guest Relations Executive will be your Single Point of Contact (SPOC) throughout the entire stay in the hospital. He/She will help you out with all non-medical assistance like registration, admission, discharge formalities, SIM card, mobile, hotel/guesthouse accommodation etc, in addition.

Patient must carry the Xerox copy of their passport as a proof of identity while traveling.

Currency Exchange: Currency exchange facility is readily available inside hospital premises.

In-house Interpreter Services are available within the hospital.

Legal Requirements:

  • The patient and attendants would have to register with Police Commissioner Office within 14 days of arrival in India.
  • Carry 10 or more passport size photographs for each person that would be required to fulfill visa formalities, FRRO documents and for acquiring a local SIM.
  • Local travel to complete formalities is not covered in the hospital estimates. It is to be paid by the patient.