Visa Information

​Will hospitals provide assistance in obtaining Medical Visa?

Yes, the hospitals would provide the visa assistance once you choose India as your medical travel destination. You will require an invitation letter from the respective Hospital during the VISA processing.
The hospital shall share this letter with you after you had initial discussions with them over the treatment; this letter has to be presented by you at the ‘Embassy’ or ‘High Commission of India’ in your respective country.

Would my family members/ attendant travelling along with me be eligible to obtain Medical Visas?
Attendants/accompanying family members of patients visiting India for medical treatment shall need to apply for Medical Attendant visa (MEDX) co-terminus with the Medical visa of the ailing patient. Here, an invitation letter issued by the hospital shall come handy.

Who all are permitted patient attendants and how many of them can travel with patient?
Attendants have to be the patient’s spouse/children /siblings and blood relatives. More than two attendants are not allowed.

What documents would I require to obtain my medical visa?

  1. Passport with min 6 month validity
  2. Passport size pictures
  3. Xerox copy of passport
  4. Copy of filled in online form
  5. Residential Address’ Proof
  6. Recommendation to visit particular specialized medical centre for treatment by your native doctor back home
  7. Attendant’s Passport Copy
  8. Relationship Proof for the attendant
  9. Medical Records & Recommendations

What is the validity period of Medical Visa?
Initially the medical visa is valid for one year or the duration of treatment, whichever is less. This Visa shall permit a maximum of three entries in one year’s time.

If repeat visits are required during the duration of treatment, how many of them are allowed?
A maximum of 3 entries are allowed in one year duration.

What would be the approximate Medical Visa fee?
Medical visa fee differs country to country vice and usually ranges anywhere between $13 to $153.

Are there any additional formalities related to Medical Visa after my arrival in India?
Normally the hospitals help you out with such formalities. You would have to register at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of your arrival alongwith your Attendants.

In case of my treatment being prolonged, would I be able to receive extension visa assistance ?
Medical and Medical Attendant visas can be extended by FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Office), India depending upon the health condition of the patient after the required medical documents submitted and paper work complete.